HELP: how to display Japanese subtitles

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HELP: how to display Japanese subtitles

Post by andwan0 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:32 pm

I have a problem with Japanese subtitles.

I have no problem displaying English subtitles but when I want to display Japanese subtitles they come out as SQUARES.

I changed my Windows XP Regional Settings to Japanese (in Advanced & Regional tabs) just to get the correct codepages loaded. I can even read the Japanese correctly when I open the subtitle in Notepad).

Players I've tried are:

Media Player Classic


VLC Player

(all the same, just SQUARES for subtitles).

Anyone know how to correctly display Japanese subtitles?

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Re: HELP: how to display Japanese subtitles

Post by morueix » Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:31 am

Mucane is right.

In order to see Japanese characters on an English install of Windows, you first have to have the East Asian fonts installed, which you probably already do, since you see Kanji characters in Notepad. Open up the SRT file again in Notepad, and check what encoding the file is using. It should be "UTF-8". If it is not, then save the file, changing the encoding to UTF-8 before saving. Then, in VLC, open up the options control panel, making sure you are set to simple view, click on the "Subtitle & OSD" button, then set the "Default Encoding" to UTF-8.

Then, set the preferences to "show all", and go to Video / Subtitles/OSD, and set the "text rendering module" from "default" to "Freetype2 font renderer". The, go to Video / Text Renderer, and put in a Unicode font. It doesn't matter what Unicode font you pick, if its Unicode, it has the Kanji characters in it. Just pick one that is easiest to read on the screen, like an arial font. Note that the "browse" button here doesn't work as it should, due to the way Windows handles system fonts. You will have to manually type in the entire path to the font (or copy / paste the path from Windows Explorer address bar).

Save the settings and then RESTART the player, otherwise VLC will continue to use the old renderer settings till it gets restarted.
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